Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tales from the Darkside: My Ghostwriter - The Vampire

You know Tales from the Darkside, not every every vampire has to dress like Dracula. I know it's an iconic look and all, but not even new adaptations of Dracula put him in the cape and collar anymore.

Outdated look of the vampire aside, "My Ghostwriter - The Vampire" proves to be a fun episode. A hack horror writer enters a Faustian pact with a real-live bloodsucker: the writer will let the vampire use his home for shelter, and in return, the vampire will share 900 years worth of stories with him. Needless to say, this partnership sours.

"My Ghostwriter - The Vampire" asks who is the real monster. Count Draco, nicely played Roy Dotrice, only kills to feed. Prentice, the sleazy writer, uses and discards people, including his assistant Jayne, nor does he have any qualms about leaching off other people's work and claiming it as his own. Not all vampirism involves blood apparently.

The premise and execution function as black comedy, but I appreciated that Draco is presented seriously. He's allowed his dignity and not treated as a foppish goof. When he gets angry, he means it, and we take him seriously.

I also liked the secret room where the vampire stores his coffin, accessed by pulling an ax in a prop head on the wall. It's the kind of touch I'd expect any horror writer, good or bad, would want to have in his home.

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