Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tales from the Darkside: Miss May Dusa

I can't believe I couldn't tell from the title this was about Medusa.

Of course, this Medusa is different from the Medusa we know and love from Greek mythology, so maybe I can be forgiven. She doesn't have snakes on her head, thankfully, she appears in the modern world, and while she turns people into stone (or in this case, mannequins), she's a reluctant monster who doesn't mean to kill others. It's why she always wears sunglasses.

"Miss May Dusa" is a romantic episode and a sad one at that. Medusa, or May Dusa, meets a saxophone player, Jimmy James, in a dark subway station one night, and he's nice to her, understanding to her, patient, and pretty good on the sax. Even better, he's blind, so her powers have no affect on his safety. They're perfect for each other.

Most of the episode is devoted to May and Jimmy just talking, getting to know each other, and I found it charming. It gives us a new perspective on Medusa (I always think of Clash of the Titans when I think of her), showing her as lonely, guilt-ridden, and desperate for some genuine affection. It's her human side the episode explores.

It all leads not to a shock ending but a sad one. This is one episode that can be described as heartbreaking. Right when it looks like things are looking up, May looks into the mirror.

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