Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tales from the Darkside: The Bitterest Pill

For a show called Tales from the Darkside, it has way too many farces that try to be funny but only succeed at being irritating. Sadly, "The Bitterest Pill" falls into that category, making it a touch swallow (Sorry about that. I'll show myself out.).

A family of three - father, mother, young son - win the lottery and become inundated with solicitations and other sales offers when inventor Tinker (Mark Blankfield aka Blinkin from Robin Hood Men in Tights) shows up with a pill he claims can grant unlimited intellectual prowess. Considering he tried to seduce the wife on her wedding night, the husband is understandably dubious.

Like the other farces on this show, "The Bitterest Pill" features a lot of yelling, a lot of noise, and a lot of overacting. The kid is annoying, the dad's a jerk, and the mom's a moron. That leaves Tinker, who never shuts up. Am I supposed to think the father is a fool for not accepting this loony at his word and taking some pill he's offering?

I can tell I'm supposed to laugh, but nothing was funny. Most of the episode is devoted to Tinker's madcap sales pitch as he sweats, tumbles over furniture, and speaks a mile-a-minute. A pill that makes you a super genius has strong story potential, but this episode only uses it as a MacGuffin, saving it for the final twist when we learn it works.

Too bad I wished the character who took it choked on it.

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