Saturday, May 21, 2016

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Well, the Tommy Jarvis saga concluded in the previous entry. Now we enter the really wacky, out-there stretch of Friday the 13th movies. New blood indeed.

To be fair, Part 6 opened the door to the more supernatural elements that would become prominent from this point on, reviving a walking corpse version of Jason with lightning as if he were Frankenstein's Monster. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988), perhaps in a dry run for a fight against another supernatural slasher, pits Jason against Carrie White.

Ok, it's not Carrie. It's a girl named Tina (Lar Park Lincoln), who as a little girl, watched her father hit her mother, so she used her psychic power to kill him at their Crystal Lake home. Years later, Tina and her mother (Susan Blu) return to the house with her psychiatrist Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser) to confront the site of the original trauma. Crews really wants to exploit her powers, and before long, Tina accidentally revives Jason who, appreciative of another new lease on life, decides to open up a flower shop and drink hot cocoa.

I'm kidding. Of course, he goes on another rampage. Of course, there are more gormless teens nearby just waiting to be slaughtered. I mean, what did you expect?

The New Blood is a historic entry. This marks the first time Kane Hodder donned the hockey mask. Hodder, the fan favorite Jason, is the only actor to play Jason more than once (four times), and he looks great. Jason's a bit waterlogged, and we can see his spine sticking out of his back. For all intents and purposes, Jason is now a lumbering zombie with a penchant for gardening tools. When his mask comes off, he looks really gnarled and messed up.

The humor of Part 6 is mostly gone. It's back to serious business for the most part. I did laugh loudly when Jason killed the girl who tried hiding in the sleeping bag. I mean, he picks her up and slams her into a tree. I don't where else I can see something like that (I think Jason X repeats it). Otherwise, the movie drags for the first hour, boring talking bits with the occasional Jason murder

The final act of the movie is when it really takes off. Tina and Jason square off, and Tina uses her powers to hold him at bay, and to give credit where credit is due, it's a pretty bad ass fight. Tina uses her mind to throw everything at Jason: tree branches, electrical lines, nails, her dead dad. It's pretty sweet. It's just a slog to sit through the rest of the movie to get to it.

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