Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tales from the Darkside: The Last Car

"The Last Car" is another episode written by Michael McDowell, and it's undeniably creepy, dark, and weird, but it doesn't make much sense or have much of an explanation. That's not necessarily a huge drawback, but it is a bit frustrating because the story is more of a scenario than a drama because the characters don't take much action.

The episode follows Stacey (Begona Plaza), a college student on her way home for Thanksgiving who gets on a subway car at night. Things get weird and creepy when it becomes apparent this subway car is some sort of purgatory, and she can't get escape.

"The Last Car" has freaky imagery such as the spooky reflections in the window and what happens to the passengers and conductor when the train passes through a tunnel, which is frequent. The episode is a dark, haunting episode that feels like you've become trapped in some horrifying netherworld where the same rules don't apply anymore.

Metaphorically, the subway could be read as Death: dark, inescapable, cold, without rhyme or reason, and certainly without any comfort. The drawback of this story is that, with this reading, Stacey is doomed as soon as she gets on the train, so anything she does is meaningless, and we're just killing time until she realizes it. That might be the point.

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