Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tales from the Darkside: Fear of Floating

Here's a real floater. The most interesting thing about "Fear of Floating" is that Bub the Zombie knocked up Lisa Simpson. That's the only thing I found remotely entertaining about this episode.

At an Army recruiting station, where the two recruiters have not had anyone come through the door in weeks, a desperate man (Howard Sherman from Day of the Dead) stumbles inside in a panic. He claims he just escaped from the circus, where he was kept for his ability to float. To demonstrate this, he takes off his weighted shoes and indeed levitates. He wants protection, the recruiters think he can make their careers, but then an angry father with a shotgun shows up, along with his pregnant daughter (Yeardley Smith aka the voice of Lisa Simpson).

I can tell this is supposed to be funny, but I wasn't laughing. The floating angle seems shoehorned in and only factors into the surprisingly violent ending, though I doubt any ceiling fan is that sharp. The rest of the episode is devoted to stupid characters and wastes times on things less interesting than a man who floats: the angry father wanting to shoot Bub, the romance, Bub promising to clean up his act, Bub hitting on the female recruiter, the recruiters thinking one guy who floats slowly would be useful in any strategic way.

Don't get me wrong. A floating man would be interesting to the military, but the fact these Army guys think this gives them an advantage over the Air Force should tell you this is a farce and a lame one at that. Say what you will about Season One's "Levitation," at least that one took itself seriously and focused on the levitation.

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