Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tales from the Darkside: The Casavin Curse

The final episode of season two, "The Casavin Curse" is derivative of Cat People, but it's an enjoyable season sendoff. It lacks the artistry of Jacques Tournier's original and the steaminess of Paul Schrader's remake, but given the restraints of network TV at the time, it's a nice, creepy effort.

"The Casavin Curse" is about a young woman (Catherine Parks) found in her bedroom with the bloodied and butchered remains of her lover. She claims she's under a family curse that drove her to kill him, but a handsome psychiatrist (Scott Lincoln) doesn't believe she did it. After all, she's not physically capable of such brutality, is she? Well, the doctor discovers the truth soon enough when he begins to fall for her, even though he's warned and threatened by her cousin (Joe Cortese).

Well, if you're familiar with Cat People, you can guess how this plays out, but "The Casavin Curse" works well because it cleverly sets up what appears to be a mundane explanation for what's going on. The curse seems to be the story the cousin is using to control Gina, the woman, so he can keep her to himself. That's what we're led to believe.

But this is Tales from the Darkside for a reason, and the final reveal, as well as the monster makeup, is quite scary and unsettling. Everything looks like it's going to be happily ever after but then...

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