Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why I Don't Plan to Monetize this Blog

The dream of any writer is to be paid for what he or she writes. Sure, fame and critical acclaim are nice, even goals to strive for, but to be able to make a living off your skill as a wordsmith is the true litmus test. It's a sign of success and worth, or at least, it gives you a sense of gratification because a lot of people believe what you write has merit if they're willing to pay for it.

Many blogs and websites, many of them very good, generate ad revenue, and I certainly don't begrudge them for doing so. I've considered it. Google Blogger, the engine I use, has the option to monetize, and it seems like it would be relatively easy to set up. So why haven't I made the plunge? There are a few reasons.

First, Blogger tracks my readership. While a few entries have page views in the thousands, most of my posts, especially in recent years, hover under 100. Knowing what I know about online advertising and just how many page clicks it would take to generate a significant amount of money, I don't see that happening on Dubo's Den. I don't see a reason to bombard my readers with ads just to get a few extra pennies.

Second, I don't really need that extra money. Sure, it'd be nice, but as I explained in my previous post, I have a nice, steady, well paying job. I started the blog shortly after college mainly to keep my writing sharp, and I maintain it as a hobby. I enjoy it. It's an investment of my time and effort, but it's rewarding by itself without a monetary aspect.

Third, advertising is everywhere, especially on the Internet. Wherever you look - in newspapers, on television, on Facebook - someone is trying to sell you something. Personally, I'm annoyed with it, and I'd like to consider my blog a haven from attempts to fleece people for money.

Last, these are some of the products I've seen advertised on my Facebook page: tampons, ladies Depends, vasectomies, reverse vasectomies. The reverse vasectomy ad came the day after the vasectomy ad; how easily swayed does Mark Zuckerberg think I am? Despite all the advances in advertising logarithms based on your browsing history, your likes and interests, and other factors, this kind of micro advertising is still not as accurate as it's touted to be, at least in my case. In the nearly ten years I've been on Facebook, I never clicked on one of their ads, and if I ever did, it was by accident. I have no interest to purchase anything being advertised to me online.

Will I ever sell out and start trying to make money off Dubo's Den? I'd like to promise I never will, but I can't. I have no immediate plans to do so or any long-term plans for that matter, but that's a great thing about the future; it's unknown. Maybe I'll change my mind if my readership skyrockets to the point the price becomes too high to refuse or maybe I'll find myself in financial straits and will accept any income I can. For now, this blog is free, and I want to keep it that way.

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