Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tales from the Darkside: Dream Girl

At one point in "Dream Girl," someone wonders why the villain's fantasy dream world would be in the theater where they all work, and I said aloud to the TV, "Because it was cheaper to film there."

"Dream Girl" is a stupid, lame episode of Tales from the Darkside, never funny, clever, ironic, or horrific. Some janitor at a theater somehow traps the play's crew members who have treated him poorly in his dreams where he forces them to act subservient to him. like having the butch female director role play a buxom waitress. You'd think in his own dreams he'd at least have a better wig.

The characters aren't interesting. The rules of this dream world are vague and muddled. It was just a chore to sit through, and I can't really think of one thing I liked about it. Well, there is no fat, loud, obnoxious wife in hair curlers eating chocolate, so I guess that counts for something.

The structure of the episode is just awful. Before we're really introduced to anyone or the setting, the episode begins weaving back and forth between the waking world and the dream world, and since both look identical, it takes forever to figure what the hell is going on. The episode also neglects to demonstrate how Otto, the janitor, is able to pull people into his dreams. True, we never learned how Freddy Kruger got his dream powers, but he died and stalked teens in their dreams; I can accept that he found some power in the afterlife. Otto is just bald weirdo.

His dream is disappointingly unimaginative: being mean to waiters, have a pretty lady on his arm, etc. Otto doesn't seem to give his fantasies much thought, and neither, apparently, did the makers of this episode.

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