Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vampire Hunter D(ream)

Let me preface this entry with mention that I do not believe in the supernatural. Yes, there are things mankind does not comprehend, and there are genuine, inexplicable phenomena in our world, but I trust science to eventually catch up to those mysteries or for them to remain unsolved. I don't buy into the notion of any dark forces plotting to destroy our lives and lead us toward damnation (except maybe lobbyists).

With that said, I feel compelled to discuss a recurring dream of mine over the past few years, one in which I play vanquisher of the evil undead. By that, I mean vampire hunter (or slayer for you Buffy fans). I don't believe in vampires. Sure, there are weirdos who think they are, and maybe they drink blood, but they aren't the supernatural creatures of folklore. They're posers in black clothing and makeup.

It's not the same dream every time. Sometimes, I'm like Blade, leaping from building top to building top like a superhero, plowing through everything in supersonic speed. Others, I'm like James Woods in John Carpenter's Vampires, storming into an infested building with guns, crossbows, and pikes like a modified SWAT officer/outlaw. Then, there are mixture of other scenarios, mostly influenced by the movies and books I've seen: confronting Rutger Haur as he was in Buffy the Vampire the Slayer, hiding in a winter setting as in 30 Days of Night, and cradling a makeshift crucifix in a bedroom as night falls in Salem's Lot. (Thankfully, never Hugh Jackman's Van Helsing. That movie angers me.)

It wouldn't be unfair to conclude the dreams are influenced by my media consumption. In fact, the most recent dream would support that. I received a wooden stake to be used in a historic barn reconstruction as part of a press package, and later in the day, I read a review for Faust, which was made by Nosferatu director F.W. Murnau.

But still, isn't more fun to probe for some deeper meaning? According to one website (Dream Moods Dream Bank), dreams about fighting vampires suggest feeling drained of energy and autonomy. Fighting vampires is a literal depiction of trying to keep things in order, and suffering from exhaustion or feeling overwhelmed might attribute to that.

So does that mean I'm completely dominated by what life has thrown my way? I just moved to Columbus, have my first job after college, am facing student loan repayments in November, and I can go on, but that will probably bore you. I like my new job, and I enjoy my new independence. I admit I'm still getting settled. It doesn't explain the previous dreams over the years. Was I feeling equally stressed and overwhelmed at all those times? I don't think so.

You know, before five minutes ago, I hadn't found any interpretations of vampire hunter dreams, just vampires. Assuming that explanation is true, it's disappointingly banal. I suppose even though I am something of a skeptic, I guess I was hoping for something more mind blowing. Of course, maybe I'm merely repressing what I really want to say and how I feel. Maybe the vampire dream is more appropriate than I'd like to admit. In Rashomon, people can't be honest with themselves, and maybe those fantasy dreams about things I don't believe have more truth than I'd like to admit. Or maybe I just watch too many movies.

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